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Authorities lead Timothy McVeigh, 27, to a waiting van in Perry, Ok.

McVeigh is one of two suspects in Wednesday’s bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the deadliest terrorist attack in US history.

Flanked by FBI agents and police, a suspect in the hunt for the Oklahoma bombers appears in public to a tirade of hatred.
Timothy McVeigh, his hands manacled and wearing an orange prison suit, barely glanced at the crowd shouting ‘baby killer’ and ‘murderer’.
He was bundled into a van outside Noble county court house, where he had been in solitary confinement, then taken to a military helicopter.
Last night he was headed for the Will Rogers airport in Oklahoma City where police with rifles had been posted on rooftops to guard against assassination attempts. «There is a whole town here that would by happy to see him killed,» said a federal source.
His arrest and that of a second suspect Terry Nicholls, left America reeling from the realisation that homegrown fanatics rather than foreign terrorists might be behind the atrocity.